As more companies become environmentally conscious, we at Premiere are continually striving to be more of an environmentally friendly mover. It was with this in mind that we created Premiere Used Office Furniture, a division of Premiere Office Movers, in which we help companies distribute unwanted or unneeded items without disposing of them into Calgary landfills. In doing this, we provide companies with a cost saving and environmentally friendly removal alternative.

In being an environmentally friendly mover, we currently provide a number of ways to reduce our client's carbon footprint as well as our own.

  • We purchase new moving trucks that are regularly services and maintained to provide the best fuel efficiency
  • We use reusable equipment such as plastic bins, wooden file carts and metal panel carts to lessen our waste
  • Old boxes and materials are recycled whenever possible to be broken down to new products
  • We provide our clients access to recyclable distribution networks for items such as: cardboard, paper, computers, metal and office furniture.